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The “10X Developer” Is a Myth - Here’s Why

So I’ll just come out and say it… The idea of a 10X developer is a myth and a totally unrealistic expectation to apply to yourself (if you are a developer) or to your hiring practices (if you are a hiring manager). The idea of the 10X developer (or 10X engineer if you prefer the fancier title) comes from the idea that there are devs out there that outperform their counterparts at an extreme rate.
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What is Serverless Computing?

What is a Serverless function or what is Serverless in general? Serverless functions are a terrible name for what this actually is, but hey, who am I to get in the way of the marketing machines at cloud companies who really like to make things sound like they are better because they don’t have complicated stuff in them? Anyways, Serverless is really an entire class of computing where instead of being charged for servers running all the time, you are instead charged for individual invocations of your functionality.
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What is Front-End Development?

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: What is front-end development or what is a front-end developer? This one is pretty easy to describe but it has a lot more complexity to it compared to a back-end developer just because of the amount of things that are going on. A front-end developer essentially is responsible for the parts of the code that are being interpreted and used by the browser. Generally this is going to be HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
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How To Shortcut the Programming Language Learning Curve

programming learning curve
Learning to code is an exercise in persistence. Based on my real-world experience, it’s easy to see that most people who want to learn to code will simply give up after trying a single language. For most, at the beginning of their journey, the idea of learning multiple languages seems nearly impossible. The syntax looks like a jumble of letters and characters and even just the setup required to get a basic “hello world” running makes the entire process extremely frustrating.
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Is That Open Source Project Safe To Use? - Here’s How To Know

open source security
Developing software of any type will inevitably involve pulling in an open-source dependency. But, given that there are millions of open source projects out there and you don’t personally know anything about their source code or their security practices, how do you know if that code that you just pulled into your project is safe? When it comes to security, there is no such thing as perfectly safe software. It’s all about managing risk and making informed decisions on the software you are choosing to include in your project.
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Always Do These Eight Things Before Pushing a Commit

Do these things before submitting your PR
Submitting code for review can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are early in your coding career or new to a larger company requiring a code review process. Having a development career and working on side projects are two completely different things. If you are working on your own project it’s easy enough to have an idea, slap some code together, and push it up. Nobody else cares and life is simple.
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Contributing to Open Source Can Change Your Life - Here’s How to Do It

There are over 128000000 open source projects on GitHub and every single one of them has the potential to change your life forever. Whether you are building your GitHub street cred, fixing a bug, adding a feature to a project you personally use, or just fixing typos, every pull request you submit moves you one step further in your development career. GitHub is the new resume and every contribution you make builds your collaboration skills and associates your name with the massive community of driven individuals out there making software for fun and profit.
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Your README is a Dumpster Fire - It's Time to Fix That

It’s time for a little self-reflection. Take a little time to think back over every single project you have ever created. OK, now right at this moment, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about the code? Are you remembering the language, the functions, the classes? Or, are you think about what the project did? Are you thinking about the problem that it solved? Well, if you are like most people in this world, you are thinking about the latter.
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I Made a Local Kubernetes Startup Script So You Don't Have To

lk8s up
If you are getting started with Kubernetes development, one of the first things you are going to need is a way to run Kubernetes on your computer. There are a bunch of different ways to startup Kubernetes locally, but almost all of them either have a bunch of complicated steps or require you to understand Kubernetes in the first place (which kind of defeats the purpose). So to solve that problem for you (and myself, honestly) I wrote a simple Kubernetes startup script that will get you a running local cluster in no time.
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Do Domain Names Even Matter Anymore?

Domain names don't matter.
Let me ask you a question and I want you to really think about it for a minute. Other than Google or Amazon or something obvious, when was the last time you actually put your cursor in the address bar and went to a website by typing the domain name? If you can’t think of a time, don’t worry, because chances are neither can anyone else.
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